Rethinking My Beliefs about God Apart From Traditional Christianity

Ban Gay Marriages? Seriously?

In Homosexuality, Politics on November 14, 2010 at 7:32 pm

First, if gays cannot marry because being gay is a sin, then liars, etc. should be prohibited from getting married too.

Second, laws are supposed to be passed to protect every citizen’s freedom unless that freedom infringes upon the freedom of another. This is the principle of democracy (ideally of course). Gay marriage does not infringe upon the freedom of another.

Third, allowing gays to marry is not the same as condoning their sin. But banning them from marriage is condoning the sin of hatred, segregation and discrimination.

Fourth, banning gay marriage does absolutely nothing to change the gay issue. It only makes the gays really mad at Christians, and causes them to distrust Christianity and possibly God.

Fifth, if Christians want a freedom of religion in our country, then it would behoove us to allow others to have their freedom too.

Sixth, since when did Jesus tell us to control society through laws of morality?

Seventh, I’ve seen (by far) more of God’s unconditional love exemplified through two gays who would like to commit to each other than Christians who like to focus on other people’s sins.

  1. Agreed! I will NEVER understand how someone can tell someone else that their own way is right and the other person’s way is wrong. I can’t stand narrow minded people that think there is only or can only be one way!!!

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