Rethinking My Beliefs about God Apart From Traditional Christianity

Maybe The Bible Doesn’t Matter Concerning The Issue Of Homosexuality

In Homosexuality, The Bible on November 28, 2010 at 7:25 pm

To me, the general Christian societal view toward homosexuals is nothing more than racism and discrimination. I despise these ingrained derogatory views which I have been raised to believe through my American and Christian upbringing. I was taught not only to hold them toward gays but also toward drug addicts and certain nationalities and social classes, etc.

From what I understand, it is our insecurity in ourselves which makes us feel a perceived need for superiority over others, especially in the name of God. At one point in my life, I started to catch myself embracing these lies. I then wanted to make a conscious effort to change my assumed prejudices toward many different people. Understanding my own value and befriending the so-called lessers has made this mind transformation much easier for me.

As far as the Bible is concerned, the scriptures against homosexuality really stumped me (and still do to some degree) and I’ve read arguments for all sides of the issue. This is the only thing that makes sense to me at this point:

In the world of the spirit there is no gender. (There is neither male nor female… Galatians 3:28.) Physical distinctions only exist in the physical world.

If we believe in rebirth, we must also embrace the fact that our spirit is genderless, or that we have the potential to be either male or female in the case of reincarnation, which many early Christian writers apparently believed.
There is also no marriage in heaven, like we know marriage on earth.

So, if there are any Bible verses forbidding homosexuality, these commandments, like the Levitical laws, pertains to the human body alone – at least for a specific era, nation and culture. We know that many commands were given to the nation of Israel while they were living in a communal, nomadic theocracy (a foreshadowing type) in the desert.

It seems that somebody placed these commands into a holy book and then expected all Christians for all time to obey them. But many of them are ignored because they just don’t make any sense to our current time and culture. For example, we do not normally tie tassels to the four corners of our robe, so this command only pertained to a Levite priest at a specific time in history.

Perhaps specific Bible commandments were simply intended to portray how one might conduct themselves in that culture in order to fulfill the principle command to love your neighbor as yourself. If so, I do not see how gays would be necessarily disobeying this command since sex is a primary expression of love.

Furthermore, Bible laws were given to God’s peole in order to show us that life does not come through the law. You could keep all of the holy ordinances, be a very sterile and healthy person, live a long life on earth but experience intense internal suffering. This is because the eternal spirit does not innately live on food but on spiritual truths such as grace and love. So the new covenant law changed from “Abstain from unclean meat” to “Eat whatever you want because your body is going to die anyway. Relationships, etc. are far more important than food.”

So even if we are to abstain from gay sex because it’s healthier, in the realm of the spirit, like healthy circumcision, it makes no difference one way or the other. This is because the health of the everlasting spirit is far more valuable than the health of our physical body which is here today and gone tomorrow, like a blade of grass.

But religion likes to take spiritual truths and turn them into physical rituals, commands and social mores. If we have had any exposure to western Christianity, we will have been taught that gays cannot be saved because of their ongoing sin. Never mind the gospel which says that sin is not an issue to God, but only pertains to the (dying) physical body, which must at some point, die, following the path of the crucified Christ.

We are also led to overlook the concept that salvation does not come through works anyway. And then we are taught to ignore many other sins except for those pertaining to tangible sexual sins that can be proven (such as if a boyfriend and girlfriend are living together.)

The contradictions in our racism abound no matter what the Bible says. It seems to me that gays will one day be accepted into our current society but sadly, this acceptance has to occur through battles much like the civil rights movement.


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